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We can offer a wide range of services, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone on 07929 372254 or E-Mail ian@ibcountryside.co.uk if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Tree Work/Tree Surgery

We can deal with almost all work that may be required on trees, from removing dead wood to crown thinning and reductions or crown lifts. We can remove over-hanging or damaged branches or complete tree removals and site clearances.

If the tree is in a tight spot and can't be straight felled, we can take down the tree branch by branch by sectional dismantling via rope access and use of rigging, or we could also use an MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform), also known as a cherry-picker, to make the work easier and safer, especially for dead or damaged trees.

Waste generated from the cutting or removal of trees can be dealt with using our woodchipper and timber can be removed from site or processed into firewood on site for the customers own use.

Big trees and small trees can be dealt with including fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. Work can include general pruning, formative pruning, dead wood removal and re-shaping.

It's not just tree cutting, we also can source and plant new trees, providing aftercare such as watering and feeding, provide weed control and mulching.

Stumps can be treated with the use of 'Eco-plugs' which is an environmentally safe way of applying herbicide to prevent regrowth, or alternatively, we can offer stump grinding or digging to completely remove unwanted tree stumps.

We can also provide any work required on hedges from regular trimming to reductions in height or width. We also provide traditional hedge laying in Lancashire & Westmorland style.

Garden Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive garden maintenance service, which could be one-off clearances or tidy-ups, or we can offer a regular scheduled maintenance service providing routine work throughout the year to keep the garden looking it's best all year round.

We offer lawn cutting, border weeding, shrub and tree pruning, plant and flower maintenance, mulch application, leaf clearing, pesticide application, spraying, lawn care such as fertiliser application, moss and weed control, scarifying and aerating. As well as garden maintenance we can also offer some property maintenance services such as gutter cleaning and pressure washing of paths and walls.


Our landscaping service specialises in turfing, fencing, garden clearance and decorative gravel gardens but we can complete almost any garden design project including walls, flagging, paving, artifical grass, decking and much more. We work closely with a very good garden designer enabling us to complete garden re-designs from start to finish.

Countryside Work

We have a huge amount of collective experience in countryside work and can offer agricultural and equestrian fencing, field gate installation and hedge laying. We can recommend dry stone walling to a very skilled dry stone waller who we have worked very closely with for many years.

Logs and Woodchip Mulch

Subject to availability, we offer logs for sale, both seasoned ready to burn or unseasoned.

Our logs are made using the wood from our tree surgery work and are mised species logs. The seasoned logs have been air-dried for a minimum of 12 months but we can offer unseasoned logs for a much cheaper price, which you could store and season yourself, saving you money.

Again, from our tree surgery work, we can also offer woodchip mulch, this product is excellent mulch for borders which acts as a weed suppressor and eventually rots down, putting nutrients back into the soil promoting healthy plant growth.





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